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  • 08/19/16--18:00: change to freedom plus
  • I have a sim in my ipad on the mobile broadband plan. I have now put that sim in a android tablet. I want it on freedom plus instead of mobile broadband as the tablet I'm now using can make calls, etc.

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    hey everyone. Wondering if someone can help point me in the right direction.. We were issued a new wifi password from Telstra after our wifi went down. Was working fine for a while but for some reason we're locked out again and it's asking for the password (which we have no idea what it is..). Is there a way to reset?? Thanks heaps!

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  • 08/26/16--22:42: Video error on NRL2016
  • I keep getting a video error check network settings. I am on the NBN so there shouldn't be a problem there. I am using an iPad mini 2

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  • 09/02/16--22:09: Telstra Mail
  • I can't get emails on my IPad since being moved to Telstra Mail. I have followed set up instructions correctly. What is wrong?

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  • 09/12/16--04:23: iPad RECHARGE ERROR
  • Have recharged the wrong device - what can I do?

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    I have a HP laptop with a built-in 3G modem.


    I have inserted an activated Telstra SIM (that came with my Bigpond Cable account). I have confirmed with a Telstra technician that the SIM is active.


    When I go into Windows 10 Settings->Network->Cellular, it shows 'No service'.


    If I click and go into 'Advanced', I get the opportunity to create an APN setting.


    What must I put in here to get my connection to work?


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  • 09/20/16--22:26: restrictions
  • Using Telstra 24x7 app on my iPad.


    When I fill in the account and password details to enter My Account, I get a screen that says: "Account Restriction......your account does not have the appropriate security level to use this app."


    Which is rubbish, as i had already logged in and navigated arounf My Account just minutes before. The page had timed-out so I attempted to log back in and now I get this screen.


    What's going on here?

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  • 09/29/16--20:18: USB 4G modem
  • I've been trying to use my mobile postpaid plan data sharing sim in the telstra prepaid 4gx usb plus modem and have been unable to get it to work. The data share sim works fine in the ipad but won't connect in the usb modem. Is there anyway of getting it to work

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    Recently I've notiiced an issue with my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Sometimes it will not come out of sleep mode correctly. The lights at the bottom will flash as usaul, but the screen will stay off or flicker green straight lines down the black screen for a second. While in this state, I can still hear sounds and can use the touch screen to open apps, but the screen still remains blank. This only happens I would say 1 out of 5 times when trying to get it out of sleep mode and the device works fine when the screen does work.. But i feel it is increasing in frequency.


    After trying to contact Telstra about my issue, I was redirected to here to try and find the best solution to my issue. I would appreciate some help and suggestions of what I should do now. Thank you in advance.

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    Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is labelled as a PC (Tablet & Detachable Keyboard) & is thus excluded from Telstra Tablet Plans. However, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S is exactly the same! I would like an explanation from Gerd Schenkel himself. I guarantee that I won't get one though.

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    i have a surface that uses hotmail. i want to login to the telstra webmail page from explorer. There is no way to login? it sends me to the add page every time. i dont know how to configure the surface using outlook and i really just want to login using my method.

    this is driving me crazy!

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    I have spent two weeks trying to get my tablet connected.I wrote to the 24/7 online chat and spent much time just filling in basic info before told to call on the phone. I have tried calling with most wait times over 20 minutes. I then went back to 24/7 chat where there were up to 27 people in the queue. I wrote in a complaint but have heard nothing in over a week. I called today, spent 30 minutes on phone only to be re-directed and then told that my case manager would call me back. They haven't. So that took an hour. Where do I go to to get tech support? It's beyond frustrating.

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  • 11/26/16--16:59: Is my tablet SIM locked
  • Hi, I have a samsung tablet with a SIM card. I am going oerseas and planed to buy a German SIM so I have data.  Would my tablet be locked to telstra? or how do I find out?   thanks   

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  • 12/14/16--13:57: tablet
  • telstra tablet not working after transfering to nbn

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    In 2012 or 2013 I bought a Nexus 7 outright from JB HiFi which was locked to Telstra. This was common in those days. I haven't used it for a long time, but now have a use for it. JB Hi Fi (a Telstra partner) can't unlock it and directed me to Telstra. Telstra say they can't unlock it as they didn't sell it to me and my IMEI isn't in their database. Catch 22. Can anyone recommend a reliable online unlock service?

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    I have windows 10 laptop which will work in tablet mode - can the Telstra 24/7 be used with that set up

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  • 02/09/17--23:22: Live Pass not playing
  • I have a 10.1" HP tablet that cannot play any premium content with my subscription.

    It comes up with the message saying it can only play on mobile phones or tablets, no bigger than 11".

    My tablet is a HP p7f58pa.

    Is there any way for me to be able to play on my tablet, or do I have to cancel my subsription?

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    I have folders that I want to delete,how can I do this please.

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  • 03/22/17--19:06: Recharging Ipad
  • Hi, I am wanting to recharge my IPad but when I go into the 24x7 app the recharge option is not there. How can I do a recharge?

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